About me

I am a User Experience (UX) and UI Designer, strategist, and creative problem-solver with a background in marketing and localisation. I’m currently working on starting Curlita, an app that helps women find less chemically modified hair products for their beauty routine.

My mission: to help people tell their stories and help providers focus on the work they love through thoughtful UX design & research and close collaboration with fun, talented people.

I have led projects that have worked together to design mobile and web products intended for use by a variety of stakeholders (in fashion, accessibility and blockchain).

How I work

I work as a UX designer synthesizing the needs and goals of users, product managers, marketing and salespeople, user researchers, writers, localisers, developers and testers to ensure the best possible visual design and user experience.

I love to collaboratively sketch, brainstorm, interview users, talk to stakeholders, solve problems, manage project details, and work closely with a team.

I love design research: competitive analysis, usability testing …

Differences make a Difference

Besides my career in Design, I am proud advocate of women in tech. I have founded and I managed Ladies that UX Dublin Chapter since 2017.

According to a MIT study diversity improves performance, morale, and the end product. More women working in tech, especially as engineers and designers mean improving software that can service society as a whole.

He who writes history makes history

Women in tech are under-represented, often underpaid, passed for promotions and faced with every day sexism. Women are also more likely to leave the industry within a year compared to their male counterparts which  makes having role models at the C- level difficult.


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My Design Skills

Visual Design

From Photoshop, Illustrator to InDesign, I have been through banners, magazines and even medicine cartons and leaflets, you name it.

Currently working with Sketch and giving Adobe XD a try.


I love pen and paper sketches and using Sketch and Adobe XD to do rapid prototyping, first wireframes and then high fidelity mockups.

Then I present through Marvel or InVision App.

I also can prototype through WebFlow.

UX Research & Documentation

Everything started when I was working in marketing and everything got better when I transitioned to UX.

Personas, user scenarios, UX specs, task flows, wireframes, site maps, storyboards, taxonomies and task flows.


Designers should code?

I do know how to use GitHub and CodePen.

Project Management

Besides my previous experience as a Project Manager. I enjoy Lean UX and a well organised Trello board.

#kaban #sprints #agile

Digital Marketing

Google analytics, email & marketing automation, SEO and SEM.

Recent Speak Engagements

+October’ 18: Hosted by 3rd Blockchain for Finance Conference, Europe Panel about  “Lunch & learn: Diversify your investment portfolio, how are you managing your talent risks?”

+ August’ 18: Hosted by Ladies that UX Dublin at Workday,Dublin – ” Accessiblity in UX”

+ August’ 18: Hosted by Women in Blockchain Meetup – “Design Principles for Blockchain”

+ July’ 18: Hosted by Google Developers Dublin – “Principles of design for Blockchain”

+ May’ 18: Hosted by Workday – Women in Tech Summit 2018 – Panel about my experience as a female leader in Tech.

+ May’ 18: Hosted by CodePlus –CodePlus, a project to attract female secondary school students into CS – Panel about my experience working in the tech sector.

+ November’ 17: Hosted by ESPC17 – European Sharepoint – Intro talk about Girls in Tech Dublin.

+ October’ 17: Hosted by 404event in Dublin – Intro talk about Ladies that UX in Dublin.

+ April ’16: Hosted by Codess / Microsoft – Future of Cloud computing Modern Design UX.

+ Feb ’16: Hosted by Women Who Code – Talk and interactive session about UX.

Latest Projects

Click here to access my entire portfolio.


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More about me

Feel free to learn more about me accessing my Twitter, CV, About me, Medium, Behance or book an appointment.

Besides that I also have a blog about my expat life in Ireland (which I update sometimes).